Tufts Israel divestiture petition

We, the undersigned are appalled by the human rights abuses against Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli government, the continual military occupation and colonization of Palestinian territory by Israeli armed forces and settlers, and the forcible eviction from and demolition of Palestinian homes, towns and cities. We find the recent attacks on Israeli citizens unacceptable and abhorrent. But these should not and do not negate the human rights of the Palestinians.

As members of the Tufts University community, we believe that our university ought to use its influence - political and financial - to encourage the United States government and the government of Israel to respect the human rights of the Palestinians. We therefore call on the US government to make military aid and arms sales to Israel conditional on immediate initiation and rapid progress in implementing the conditions listed below. We also call on Tufts to divest from Israel, and from US companies that sell arms to Israel, until these conditions are met:

Signed by

Ken Olum
Gary Goldstein
Elizabeth Ammons
Dan Dennett
Jeff McConnell
Kathleen Weiler
Gary Leupp
George Smith
John McDonald
Modhumita Roy
Steven Marrone
Soha Hassoun
Malikkah Rollins
Noora El-Atar
Anas Chapra
Nevin Sabet
Eglal Henein
David Isles
Joseph Walser
Michael Maria
Joe Ramsey
Scott Marchese
Courtney Kline
Kate Goodspeed
Kyle Halle-Erby
Sarah Bartle
Michael Riess
Bennett Kuhn
Emily Cohane-Mann
Lucas Koerner
Nicole Abi-Esbe

To add your name, email Tufts@Israel-divest.org

Tufts Israel divestiture campaign